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Professional Cleaning Service Company

Fast, Reliable and Skilled Part Time Filipina Maids in Dubai. House Cleaning Services Starting As Low As 35 AED per Hour.

HAPPY MAIDS – Your No. 1 Choice for House Cleaning & Maid Service in Dubai.

Our Premium House Cleaning and Part Time Maids is delivered by trained Filipino maids. Our courteous maids work efficiently, saving you time and money. We know how clean you want your home to be, we are only happy to help you keep it that way.

Whether you are looking for a one-time cleaning or a complete housekeeping solution, Happy Maids is here to help you.

We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and other long term cleaning services on request, charged on a hourly basis. We also provide evening and weekend appointments according to your busy schedule with applicable charges.

An organised and clean working space lets you run a business with clutter free mind. Call us, if you need your workspace clean and orderly. Our maids are available from 8 am to 6 pm depending on the location. Our customers include commercial offices, Clinics, spas, salons and schools.

Call us on our toll free No. 800 3545 or email us at: [email protected]
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Hiring Maid Service Dubai

If you think that you could not do all the household tasks by yourself and your time won’t cover it, it is probably when you should think about hiring our Maid Service Dubai.

Hiring our Housemaid can have ups and downs at the same time. But no matter the size of your house, you will find it very useful because you will have peace of mind realizing that the household necessities have been taken care of by our Maids. For some folks, it is an intrusive privacy to allow a stranger in getting involved with your private life. But by hiring professional Part Time Maids, you know that we will do the services with courtesy and respect. You can save a lot of time and energy, thanks to our useful services. Hiring the maids is very easy and straightforward.

Why hiring from Happy Maids?

While hiring Maids for your house, you will surely want to have the best ones since your private life will be visited by a stranger. The maids you hire from Happy Maids are certified and well trained to meet your needs and requirements. These are the points why you should hire us:

  • Background Check: All maids are background checked and certified. This will give you a sense of peace knowing that someone reliable enters your house.
  • Insured service: the insured Maids will be prevalent for your needs. The insured services will protect you from any mishaps. You won’t see this on individual’s providers.
  • Guarantee: We guarantee that you will be satisfied about our Maids Dubai Services.


Superior Cleaning Solutions

House cleaning Dubai

Home Cleaning Services

A clean and organized home makes you happy. Our friendly and reliable Filipina maids make it easy. With a quality that guarantees complete satisfaction, they are experienced and well trained.

When you look for a reliable Deep Cleaning company to take care of your home or business premises, The HappyMaids offers you the perfect balance between price and quality. You can be sure that our cleaning maids are polite, friendly, hard-working and will never leave a cleaning job for their next day. Our goal is to establish a long-term relationship with our clients based on mutual trust and our ability to consistently provide professional services with perfect results. Book our Home Cleaning Services Dubai or Call us today.

Whether you want to clean your house or apartment, you may get stressed and burdened enough with cleanliness matters. Well, knowing that you would need to do it again and again will just make you want to escape.

washing and ironing

Washing, Ironing, Folding

Washing and ironing your clothes can be time consuming with your busy schedule. Free yourself from this weekly chorus. Our staff will wash, iron and fold it neatly while you are busy.


You and your loved one had welcomed the newborn years ago. Now when your kids grow you may don’t have enough time to spare for sitting with them the whole day. It is probably the right time to hire a babysitter to have peace of mind. Perhaps you are deterred to hire Babysitter because you have heard about a lot of thrilling stories about irresponsible teens who took care the kids. Not to mention that some TV series portrait the poor babysitter services. With all the speculations about Babysitting, you may leave this option out. Well, you don’t have to be afraid. The key here is to hire from the right company. In Dubai, you can’t go wrong with Happy Maids. The Happy Maids has been around for years and it always deliver good babysitting services.

Window Cleaning

Having unclean windows is an eye sore. Window cleaning is an involved job, it can be tiresome and time consuming. Make it easy by hiring Happy Maids.

Office Cleaning

An organized and clean office lets you run a business with clutter free mind. Call us, if you have an office space or even a clinic. Our qualified Filipino maids will help you put everything in order.

Sweeping / Vacuuming and Mopping.
Dusting furniture and Computers.
Rest room cleaning and disinfecting.
Trash removal service.

Party Help

Are you organizing a party? Do you need help cleaning up before or after the party? Be it welcoming your guests or serving the food. Our well presented female Filipino staff is ready to fill in the different roles in a party.

Before and after party cleaning
Arranging the table
Welcoming your guests
Serving your guests
Arranging and washing up dishes.


The Keys of Hiring Good Housemaid Dubai

The Reasons to hire good maid service

Happy Maids can help you with home cleanliness as well as tidiness. Presuming that you are too busy to cover all the cleanliness stuff, our Dubai Maids  come as the big help. Cleaning the home is pivotal for you and your family. If you don’t have enough time and energy to conduct it, why not let professionals do the wonder? Here are the reasons to hire good maid service:

You will have much more time for your family

Of course, it is obvious. You will have plenty of time to spend with your family. While keeping your house clean, you can be sure that your children and family will have a nice time while our team will perform their job. The dirty and untidy house is unwanted. Everybody knows that fact.

Quality cleaning services

Happy Maids is not just a regular company who knows so-so about Deep Cleaning. Our personnel is highly qualified and able to perform the duties accordingly per your qualified expectations, thus bringing the high-quality results. A clean job will be maintained on daily basis. That include the basic sweeps, dusting, carpet vacuum and other household tasks. Even the difficult tasks that you can’t do are our expertise.

Have a healthier home

Simply put, when a house is clean, it is more healthier. That is the easy science. Having cleaner home is a crucial matter for every family. Getting Part Time Maid Dubai for your house tasks prevent you to get the burdening tasks that will exhaust your energy. You may remember this. You were pretty stuck with your work, and you needed to clean your house since your parents were about to come. You ended up with a black circle under your both eyes. Getting a maid for yourself is a wise idea to keep you and your house healthy.

The best procedure

You can expect the best from our Maid Service. As mentioned, the maids are well-trained with a certain set of skills. We really know how to clean every part of your house using the right tools and products for cleaning. As a result, your house will be clean without compromising any aspect of our job.

Hire only the best Maid Service

For some people, choosing Part Time Maids in Dubai is very pivotal for your entire life. Choosing the most reliable one can be tough if you don’t know where to look. That’s why your safest option is to stick to the best agency like Happy Maids. You will save time and energy in researching the best maid since Happy Maids is here to help you. You will make the best decision based on our existing portfolio, you will not regret it.

The backup service

The unique advantage of hiring Part Time Cleaner Dubai from our  is that you will get back up service in case your regular Maid is currently away or has any other personal matters to attend to for few days. The Happy Maids will quickly dispatch the temporary helper to get the tasks done until your regular maid comes back.

The first encounter

It is important to show our maids personnel your home condition prior to getting the task assigned. Invite her to your house so that she will know how much hard work they’ll be needing to do when dealing with your household assignments.

Talk with the maids

The Part Time Cleaner will be more than happy to recommend you the best maids that work with them. The good thing here is that you can consult firstly with some of the staff maids before finally hiring the ones you want. Make sure you ask some questions prior to the agreement. At your convenience, you could also visit our office so that you can do the 2-way communications more conveniently.

The flexible services

The Happy Maids come with flexible services which will give you a lot of options to get the best values in hiring the maids for your house.

Do you need different Maids in Dubai services in your house? Or perhaps you just want to be helped in specific necessities? The Happy Maids can offer you flexible services in which you can customize the tasks as you desire. That means you can allocate the services more to certain household tasks like washing the clothes, making beds, making breakfasts, and so on.



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Call us, if you need your workspace clean and orderly. Our maids are available from 8 am to 6 pm depending on the location. Our customers include commercial offices, Clinics, spas, salons and schools.
Call us on our toll free No. 800 3545 or email us at: [email protected] or Visit Us

 Cleaning Appointments

We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and other long term cleaning services on request, charged on a hourly basis. We also provide evening and weekend appointments according to your busy schedule with applicable charges.
An organised and clean working space lets you run a business with clutter free mind.