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Hiring Babysitter Dubai

Attend your social events or engagements by leaving your children in safe and experienced hands with our Happymaids Baby Sitters, our trained Filipino nannies will be happy to look after your children and attend all their needs in a warm and joyful environment.
Happymaids Babysitting Dubai provides professional baby sitter services throughout Dubai and nearby areas.

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Hiring Happymaids Cleaning Services will save your precious time and lets you focus on your daily routine and engagements.

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Happymaids offers quality residential and office space cleaning services. We come ready to clean, with all supplies and equipment provided.

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Fast, Reliable and Skilled Part Time Filipina Maids in Dubai. House Cleaning Services Starting As Low As 35 AED per Hour.

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We provide a service that is honest, reliable and cost effective. Our qualities guarantee complete satisfaction to our many happy clients in Dubai.

How do l book a babysitter?

Please give us a call on 800 35 45 to book a sitter or you can use our online booking babysitter form and email us with your request.

Should you have any questions about babysitting or wish to speak to a member of staff please don’t hesitate to contact us on the above number.

Our services:

Preparing food and feeding the kids.
Diaper changing.
Bathing and change.
Playing and activities.
Putting to bed.

You and your loved one had welcomed the newborn years ago. Now when your kids grow you may don’t have enough time to spare for sitting with them the whole day. It is probably the right time to hire a babysitter to have peace of mind. Perhaps you are deterred to hire Babysitter in Dubai because you have heard about a lot of thrilling stories about irresponsible teens who took care the kids. Not to mention that some TV series portrait the poor babysitter services. With all the speculations about Babysitting Dubai, you may leave this option out. Well, you don’t have to be afraid. The key here is to hire from the right company. In Dubai, you can’t go wrong with Happy Maids. The Happy Maids has been around for years and it always deliver good babysitting services.

Advantages of hiring babysitter

You can focus on your work

Knowing that the Babysitting Dubai service will take care of your kid’s necessity, you will have peace of mind. You could allocate your mind and time to work-related activities. There will be times when you are not able to go together or do an activity with your kids. Having the babysitter to accompany your kids will be the best decision.

Teachers in home

A quality babysitter is actually a great role in developing the children’s social skills. Some baby sitters are also good in the academy so that they can help a bit with the children’s homework. Chances are you don’t have much time to teach them because you have different hours of waking up and sleeping. But they can learn from your Baby Sitter Dubai.

Have a second honeymoon with your spouse

It has never been too late to escape with your wife. Without omitting the fact that you love your kids, they may be better off when you plan a vacation with your spouse. You will need a vacation to experience the bonding moments together. It seems too bad to leave them for a week. But when they have companions, you will surely have peace of mind. Not to mention that you could always get in touch with your kids via phone or video call.

Go to different town or country

Sometimes, the urgent business or family matters force you to leave your home for a while. For any reason, you need to leave your kids too because you can’t drag them into your problem. They already have schools.

The quality of the good babysitter

Hiring babysitter can be a good thing for you and your family. When it comes to finding the right babysitter, it is a daunting task to do. Knowing the personality of the good babysitter requires times and efforts.

But you can save them by relying on Happy Maids. The babysitting service in Dubai has been one of the most monitored activities by UAE government so that the Babysitter agencies will set the high standard for recruiting the babysitters. Providing the good babysitters for your kids, you will have the confidence to leave your house for a while and keep your kids safe with the best companion. These are the following qualities that are emphasized by Happy Maids.

Good communication skills

One of the keys to babysit the kids is the communication skills. Babysitter needs to know the importance of communication between the parents, kids, and the baby sitter herself. When it comes to communication with kids, articulation is very important. It is always best to pick the native babysitter so that the children will understand the diction easily. Happy Maids provide the best crews with good communication skills. The good professionals should be able to send important messages to the parents so that the parents can have peace of mind.

Being responsible

It is pivotal to maintain the responsibility. When you look for the right person to take care of your children, you will want the best to handle the matter. Being a responsible babysitter means to be aware of what to do and what not to do. An irresponsible babysitter may leave your house with the mess, break the rules, leave the children with gadgets to keep them busy while she texts her friend, and so on. Happy Maids set the strict Standard Operating Procedure for the staffs. So, you can have peace of mind that all the professionals will uphold the responsibility as a babysitter.

In time and on time

In Dubai, being on time is important. But being in time is much better. The professionals will show up at least 5 to 10 minutes early in your house. You will rest assured that your kids will be taken care by the Baby Sitter Dubai the moment you leave your house.

The Principal quality

It is not secret that taking care kids is a tough business. Babysitting jobs require principal quality such as patience. The Baby Sitter Dubai from Happy Maids are experienced and trained well so that they can assess several scenarios and assess their position in the household. The patient babysitter is wise and assertive. She will not hesitate to rebuke when your kids misbehave. The service of babysitting come with building the ground rules to teach the kids to be disciplined.

The knowledge and set of skills

Happy Maids always uphold the resourcefulness of the babysitters. The good thing about hiring the professionals from Happy Maids is that you will have peace of minds since your kids are taken care of the right person. They are very aware of the situation of the babysitting. They will always know what to do in case of occurrences like injury, natural disaster, appliances malfunction, the fight between brothers, etc. They will also know who to call in case of emergency.

Certified sitter

Happy Maids only work with the “Certified Sitter” in Dubai. The babysitter must be at least 18 years old and underwent the learning process before working with Happy Maids. You could also ask for the experienced babysitter who has been doing the service for years. In Dubai, you could get the babysitter with a good personality so that you can trust her with your kids. The certified sitter will engage with children in useful activities and nurture them as the portions allowed.

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